Meet your
Moea Helper

A new home buying experience with your Moea Helper there to help every step of the way.

Moea Helper Work Hours

7 Days a Week
0 hrs a day

Your Moea Helper is there to help 24/7. Property searching, instant tour scheduling, offer assistant, offer management assistance and all so much more!

Moea Helper Features

Offer Creation
and Management

Simply tell your Moea Helper what you would like to offer for your purchase terms and it will assist in pre-filling your purchase agreement. Once accepted, your Moea Helper will keep track and update you with all important upcoming events and more.

Home Searching Assistant

Provide some information for what you are looking for in a home and let your Moea Helper do the searching for you! If you have any questions about the property, just ask! Additionally, you may ask your Moea Helper to trace back properties you've seen while driving and more!

Unlimited Home Buying knowledge

From property information, real estate terms, to explaining any purchase document that you come across in the home buying journey, your Moea Helper is trained to assist with all matters.

Meet Your Moea Helper

Simplifying the process

Moea Helper perks and capabilities

Schedule Tours

Interested in a home? Simply tell your Moea Helper the address, preferred day, and time for a tour, and it will arrange and confirm your visit for you.

Search Properties

Struggling to find the perfect home? Tell your Moea Helper what you’re looking for in your dream home or ask about specific features you're interested in. It will guide you through the home search process with ease.

Customize your Helper

Access to all Moea Helper tools, home buying contracts, Management portals and more.

Research Reports

Ask your Moea Helper to obtain/provide you with all available disclosures, and run CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) reports and more.

Home buying with moea helper

The Offer process is easy!


Select the Address

Find the address of the home that you would like to purchase and either notify your Moea Helper or tap Start Offer. Once you begin, you will be navigated to the Homelab to begin creating.


Offer Creation

Once you have entered the Homelab, simply tell your Moea Helper the terms of your purchase agreement. 

Example: “Set the purchase price to $750k and earnest money 1% of that”


Review and submit

Once you have finished filling out all of the terms of the purchase agreement, review with your Moea Helper to assure everything is good to go without errors and submit!

You ask, we answer

With all new reaches in innovation towards a brighter and simpler future, questions are bound to be brought upon. These questions need answers.

We have designed the Moea Helper to be able to assist in numerous home buying procedures from searching our property databases for the perfect home, assisting with scheduling tours, creating comparable’s between different properties, piecing together research reports with disclosures and CMA’s, to assisting with the entire home buying process from offer creation to managing the process to closing.


..And much more!

Yes, and your Moea Helper will speak back in engaging conversations to assist with all of your home buying needs.

Your Moea Helper is an AI powered home buying assistant created to assist with all of your home buying needs from search to close. Although the Moea Helper is not a human in flesh, he was created by the brightest of minds to be able to provide the best home buying experience possible.

Although the Moea Helper has been trained off large data sets and thorough fine tuning, your Moea Helper may still run into a few bumps and make mistakes, “just like we all do”. So, it is important to verify all information that the Moea Helper provides to assure that it is 100% accurate.

Your Moea Helper is not a real estate agent. It may contain vast knowledge of the real estate market, market trends, and be able to assist you with the process from search to close, however, it should not be viewed as a complete alternative to using a licensed real estate professional. It is intended to be a side by side level of support in assisting with the process in the Moea app and not to be interpreted as an AI powered real estate agent.

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Moea Credits Disclosure

Moea, Inc. offers unique rewards to homebuyers using our specialized network of services. When purchasing a home through the Moea app, users are eligible to receive 0.5% of the sales price back at closing. To obtain the full 1% credit, buyers must engage with Moea’s partnered mortgage company and closing title company. Additionally, any Moea Credits earned from promotions or early access rewards shall be received upon the app’s official launch. These credits are designated solely for purchasing a home using Moea and it’s affiliated service providers and may not be used, transferred, or exchanged outside of this context.